Diversity Bulletin Board

New board on 4N that discusses diversity. Check it out if you wanna learn about other cultures! 


Political Ideology

New bulletin board on 4N that takes a look at two major political parties in the USA – Republicans & Democrats. This board may help you figure out which side of the political spectrum you lean towards. Essentially, this bulletin board examines 6 major issues in US politics – economics, abortion, etc. – and let’s you know how each party approaches each subject. Knowing where you stand on issues is crucial to making an educated vote. Stop on by and check this board out! 

Transgender Education

There has been a lot in the news about transgender people in the US. As such, this bulletin board tries to provide some insight to transgender & LGBTQ+ culture. If you find yourself at all unsure about preferred gender pronouns or other transgender information, take a look at this bulletin board. 

Mental/Emotional Health

New bulletin board on 4N! This board takes a look at different mental health disorders and puts them in conversation with the character’s from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. This board was an educational experience to make & if you want to learn more about mental and emotional health, swing by and give the board a look! 

Dress for Success

Got a job interview coming up? Want to look fresh in class? Walk up to 4N & check out this bulletin board on dressing for success. Hope you all enjoy the board and find it to be insightful. Note: dressing in styles not on the board does not mean you are unprofessional.