A Viking’s Guide to Success

The History Channel’s Vikings has a lot more than a great plot to offer. The words of wisdom from the show are still useful to this day. I have accumulated some of the best quotes and advice from the series, and they are on one of the big bulletin board on 4 North.



Water Initiative

The Water initiative was an educational event for some of the residents. It was a great opportunity to talk to a variety of professors from several different majors.  The six speakers were from five different fields of study. There was a Q and A time, and time for people to talk with the professor over some fruit and chocolate. The event itself was discussing the Freshwater University Initiative and the research of staff here at UW-Platteville.


How to Tie a Tie

As the Career Fair ends interview season begins. If you need to customize your tie to match your personality and physical features, come up to 4 North to see 3 ways to tie a tie. I am confident that the tips below will help residents feel confident and look great at their interviews.



Question of Day

The question of the day is an opportunity for residents to test their knowledge and compete against other residents on the wing. There are five questions a week, and each week the topic is different. The first two weeks were focused on History and UW-Platteville. Next week the questions will be testing residents on how well they Wisconsin.