Rock Collection and Questions of the Day

The question of the day had a variety of topics from History of the Olympics, Fun Facts about the Environment, geology, and more. To add to the questions about geology I brought my rock collection as an example of several of the questions that were asked. IMG_20180314_162032


Black Panther

As a wing we got together to see Marvel’s latest Black Panther. The movie was amazing. The biggest heroes in the movie were black women. It was important to see a variety of characters that we don’t see in a most movies. This movie addressed issues in our society and suggested solutions. We can relate it back to our society because women can have just as important if not more important roles than men in situations in society.


Water Initiative

The Water initiative was an educational event for some of the residents. It was a great opportunity to talk to a variety of professors from several different majors.  The six speakers were from five different fields of study. There was a Q and A time, and time for people to talk with the professor over some fruit and chocolate. The event itself was discussing the Freshwater University Initiative and the research of staff here at UW-Platteville.