I drew a map of the Midwest. My art skills are very limited, but I believe I made it accurate enough to understand. The residents were able to put a tack in the map indicating where they are from. This is a great opportunity for people to know the variety of different background that live in the residents halls.



Job Search Tips


For many students an internship is a requirement to graduate or they just want to make some money to help pay for college. Job searching can be quiet a stressful activity. The poster should help residents be successful and safe during their search for employment.

Inspirational Quotes





AsĀ  we come back to school it can be hard to get back into the flow of college life. Sometimes we might consider quitting or skipping class. Some of the greatest minds in recorded history have a few things to say that will help us all stay on track and keep up the good work.

Surviving Finals

Finals are almost here! It’s hard to believe that the semester has flown by so quick. This board complements other boards on 4N in how to best manage studying, stress, and health during the Fall 2017 Finals Season. Swing by and check out this bulletin board to learn some strategies for success on final exams!