GWAM Run! 

Took some of the 4N fellas to GWAM this evening to teach ’em how to best use their meals. There are many different ways to use meals on the UWP campus. The people of 4N are gonna be utilizing several different campus dining centers to best learn where people wanna use their meals. Myself and the returners also explained different meal times & prices to the new people of Platteville.



Whether you are a member of Brockert Hall 4N or not, WELCOME TO THE 4N COMMUNITY WEBPAGE! Charlie Schoenberg is the resident assistant (RA) of 4N & is incredibly excited to meet all of the new & returning students to 4N, Brockert, & campus. 

The Wing of APOLLO

In accordance with Brockert Hall’s opening theme of Greek Gods & Godesses, 4N’s opening theme is APOLLO. Of course, there is more than one Apollo…as such, Charlie has dedicated TWO bulletin boards to the most important Apollos. Next to the 4N restroom, you will find the board on the Greek god Apollo. On the other side of the wing is a board dedicated to Apollo Creed of the “Rocky” films. Enjoy! 

The College Transition

Whether you’re a new student or returner to UWP…the transition from home-to-college life can be tough for some. If at any point you feel unsure of college life, refer to this awesome board that considers aspects of college that aren’t quite the same as living at home. I.E. Laundry & Cooking. College living is what you make it, so let’s make it awesome! 


When you move in this weekend, look for the door with your name on it. These two door decs will be on the door to welcome you to your awesome room in Brockert Hall. Many more door decorations are to come this semester so keep a look-out for when more appear on your door! 

Study for Success

As both new and returning students prepare for the upcoming school year, use this board as a resource for study tips. Including are goal-setting strategies, personal growth, and tips on how to best take a break (which is important!). This board is right outside of Charlie’s room (422). So when you stop by to say hi to him you can enjoy this useful bulletin board.